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Through state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT imaging, you are able to enhance your practice prestige and production by offering the most accurate diagnosis and treatment planning available for all aspects of dentistry, and predictable, restorative-driven virtual implant placement. With Facial Imaging Mobile, you can avoid unnecessary delays, facilitate efficient patient management, reduce risk factors, and improve case acceptance. Allowing us to provide your patient's Cone Beam CT scan at your office is the ultimate in convenience and customer service.

Facial Imaging Mobile provides practitioners with a FREE professional viewer software and training on all 3D treatment planning software. The FREE viewer software provides the ability to view all anatomical structures in 3 dimensions, develop studies from the data volume and perform measurements. To download the viewer software, please visit our Downloads page.

Facial Imaging Mobile provides practitioners with conversions of scan data into any 3D treatment planning software of their choice on CD and can be downloaded through our HIPPA compliant secured server with in 24 Hrs.

Facial Imaging Mobile provides a 1:1 professional glossy clinician's report including measurements of the region of interest, intra-oral pictures, and a full detailed oral + maxillofacial radiologist report with every scan.

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